Group Training

For Private Groups

This is a great way to get out and learn some awesome techniques with a great group of people. Whether it is a private group with your buddies, or a public group you haven’t met before, these clinics  and dirt bike boot camps are fun and informative.

With focus on fundamental techniques, these classes are customized depending on the riders in the group. Everybody is guaranteed some 1:1 coaching to maximize your learning curve. We recognize that people learn different, so we are always adapting.

We provide dirt bike training, boot camps, group training, corporate events, special training for kids and women, for beginners and advance in our Phoenix, Arizona facility.

dirt bike boot camps - Advanced Clinics
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Dirt Bike Boot Camps

Max off-road provides an awesome dirt bike riding experience. We have dirt bike camps frequently. Check below for the schedule. We have a variety of dirt bikes available for rental along with the accessories.

All you need to do is to show up to get your adventure started. Bike boot camp are available for all ages and skill levels. We have coaches for each class and mostly training will be one-to-one.

We guarantee our dirt bike boot camps can enhance your skills and take you to next level.

Dates are available on the calendar, along with private events that can be set up directly. Contact us below with questions, inquiries, and scheduling.

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Check the calendar for available dates or shoot me an email with any questions and information on your crew and we can set it up!

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