''My mission is to share the joys of riding motorcycles to people around the world. It is my contribution to making the world a better place.'' -Max

Dirt Bike coaching for everyone

  • Intro to dirt classes with gear and bike rentals available.
  • Specialized dirt bike training for the more experienced rider.
  • Group clinics for all different levels and style of riding.
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions available. Contact to schedule

Featured Training and coaching

Intro to dirt

This beginner level Intro to Dirt class is designed for people wanting to experience dirt bike riding in a safe and fun environment. The class includes everything you need for a fun day, including gear, dirt bikes. Build a skill while experiencing a fun Arizona adventure!

NO previous experience needed!

Group Training And Private EventS

Max Off-Road hosts a variety of clinics around the country throughout the year. If you have a property and a group of people that are in need of coaching, I come to you.

What PEOPLE say


"After just one lesson with Max the confidence and skill that my son showed was astounding. The patience and enthusiasm that Max showed while working with the 9 to 12 yr old age group was wonderful! I highly recommend Max Off-Road Bike Rentals and Coaching."

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When my 11 year old son, Jack, said he wanted a dirt bike for Christmas, my number one priority was getting him lessons from a professional. Max came highly recommended, and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Not only is Max a master at his sport, he is also a master teacher. Max paced the lesson perfectly…he introduced terms and gave an overview of the bike, provided step-by-step instructions, had multiple checks for understanding and mastery, and allowed time for processing. He stepped in when needed, but allowed Jack to problem solve and do things on his own. He praised and encouraged Jack the whole time and used mistakes as learning opportunities. His support, enthusiasm, and positive attitude really built Jack’s confidence. After our initial lesson, we returned for a follow up! Max built upon Jack’s prior knowledge and understandings and added more advanced concepts. He constantly shared pertinent tips to make this experience as safe and fun as could be. I cannot believe the difference in the level of confidence my son exhibited. By the end of the second lesson, he was trying new techniques on his own. If you’re looking to learn as a beginner or hone your skills as an advance rider, look no further than Max. You will not be disappointed.

Your coach

Max Gerston

Max is a professional dirt bike racer from Arizona and is known in the off-road racing world as one of the hardest workers at the races, and someone that rides with tremendous heart and determination.


With multiple national championships and professional experience in a range of racing disciplines, Max has become obsessed with learning the proper techniques needed to perform at the highest level.


Training with a Pro level rider is an unforgettable experience and fun event for the entire family. Max travels across United States for races and also for training clinics. 

Max has a personal touch and he uses meticulous techniques to train and focus on your personal areas for improvement. 

He also regularly hosts special clinics for kids, women and specific topics, so be sure to checkout the training calendar for upcoming clinics. 

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