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“My commitment to training and racing is born from a love of dirt bikes.”

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If you’re a beginner and wish to learn to ride a dirt bike or simply want to boost your knowledge, then we have got you covered. We have different dirt bike lessons like the intro to dirt bike or advanced clinics for you! Join our dirt bike lessons to get started with your passion today.

Max off-road offers dirt bike riding lessons for all ages. We have a variety of bike sizes to select from to get you perfectly started for your first ride.

Enduro lessons in Dirt Biking – Enduro is a dirt biking sport that involves riding on the off-road course or on a long cross-country terrain. Enduro consists of several challenges that dirt bikers have to pass through. Usually, the paths may have obstacles like rock climbs, creeks, mud, mountains or hills, ascends, or descends.

Max off-road offers enduro cross lessons in our Phoenix, Arizona facility. The enduro training class is specially designed for racers who want to improve their dirt-biking skills. We are sure you’ll be a better rider after the enduro training! Get in touch with us for your customized enduro lessons.


june, 2022

The six things that happen when you ride With Max

Dynamic Coaching

We understand that everybody learns differently and our goal is to convey the information to the rider in a way that makes the most sense to them.


Max's passion for the sport is what drives and pushes him to be a better riding coach. Let's not all forget how fun riding a dirt bike is.

Fixing the mindset

A lot of experience has gone into understanding how simple mindset changes can make a huge difference in our riding ability. Mindset is huge, let's get good at it.

Improve Stamina

Improve stamina from an increased efficiency on the bike, along with overall endurance from a focused training plan.

Focused Training

Focused training techniques will help form the correct habits and stick with you during fun rides or races.


Dirt bike lessons are one thing, but making them fun is what we strive to do.

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